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The last and most important characteristic that any real estate has is legal. It defines:

– the status of the property;

– the right of possession, alienation and inheritance;

- tenure.

Let's take a rational look at what the state as such is. The territory of the state is a land plot, the border of which is determined by the norms of international law. True, many already know how these rights are “obtained” and remarkably violated. That is, in fact, the territory of the state is no different from any other land allotment. If someone has an interest in this allotment of land, he, with due effort, can get it at his disposal - there are many such examples in world history. In general, the whole history of mankind is a continuous war for land resources and control of territories

Recall the basic properties of real estate: first of all, real estate is a source of food and natural resources. Let's add technical properties here, that is, transport communications, and legal ones, that is, the status of land, and as a result we will get what interested all land owners at all times.

How to get this land in your possession? Usually, the territory was seized by reconnaissance (geographical discoveries), forceful (armed way) or political capture (ideological way)


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